Allotment news, 4 June

I popped down to the allotment yesterday and oh dear me, the weeds have taken over… I was not dressed for it so took some gear with me to do a thorough clean out today…2 hours later and ta-daa! Practically weed free, a dressing of compost and a good soak. Happy veg and nails full of dirt.


A stack of work has been done by the neighbours to the back of my plot over the last week.


Strawberries growing nicely. Yum this year Wimbledon strawberries are going to be home grown beauties!

And a sneak at the competition… There’s some very talented gardeners!


In other news, I decided to have a 10 day water detox. My head has now been thumping for 2 days from caffeine withdrawals. Urrghhh… When will I feel like this was a good idea. Well by 8:30am I succumbed to a cafe latte and instant reprieve. I’m now back on water only and will see how we go from here.


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